Why we choose OVLASH?

Why we choose OVLASH?

There are a number of brands that offer faux mink lashes but there are only few brand that I consider to be the best faux mink lashes out there. OVLASH by far top my list of go to faux mink lashes. They are extremely pocket friendly and come in wide variety of shapes, lengths, widths and volumes. I am literally spoilt for choice when it comes to the OVLASH lashes faux mink line of products. These lashes are perfect for adding both length and volume to your natural lashes. Lily lashes also offer a great and affordable selection of faux mink lashes. They have a high end feel to them owing primarily to the tapered ends. These lashes are great for that celebrity look on your normal work day.

OVLASH is renowned for their quality products. While we welcome small quantity orders, we have over 200 styles of 3D Mink lashes that you can order at $6.39 with a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces (Pairs). We offer customized labeling and packaging so this could be a great way in which to grow and develop you own brand.

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