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Eyes have the power to invite or repel people from the get go. This power in our eyes more often than not goes un noticed and receives very little credit for the outcomes of our social interactions. Well a few people in the beauty industry took notice and came up with false lashes to add to the dramatic or playful effect of one’s eyes. While synthetic lashes achieve this purpose just fine, Mink lashes do a much better job. 3D Mink lashes are comprised of single Mink hairs carefully arranged on a strip. Together, these individual glossy hairs give a fuller effect to your lashes and, depending on the length, give the illusion of much longer and curvier lashes. While most traders take on a retail approach to their business, there exist some that sell 3D Mink lashes at whole sale quantities.

The Most Comfortable 3D mink Lashes.
100% Mink Fur And 100% Hand Crafted.
100% Cruelty Free Pure Mink Fur
Material: The Softest & Finest Naturally Shed Mink Hairs
Length: Black 70 3D Curvy W is 5-15MM
Life: 30 Times X
Packaging: Factory Usual Packing.Custom Packaging or Private Lable Are Welcome
Delivery Time: 1-4 Weeks, Depend On Your Order Quaintity


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