Do you know the dvantages of real 3D mink lashes?

Do you know the dvantages of real 3D mink lashes?

Beauty is fleeting or so they say but with the advancements made in the cosmetic industry beauty is definitely here to stay. When it comes to raising your lash game, nothing does the trick better than Mink lashes. These lash extensions are made from Mink fur that has been collected from Mink that are farmed for this purpose. The fur is collected from that which has been naturally shed off, sterilized and carefully arranged so as to give the beautiful Mink lashes extensions in the market today. Though more expensive than your usual faux Mink or silk lashes, they have a number of advantages that totally justify their cost.
The biggest advantage of Mink lashes is the fact that they are light and flexible. This makes them easy to wear comfortably for long periods. Since the raw material (mink fur hairs) is from a natural source, they tend to give a more natural look to you. Whether you are looking for Mink lashes to add volume or length to your natural lash line, it is a definite plus to have extensions that work well with your natural lashes without the burden of having to bend them in with mascara. The glossy nature of Mink fur also gives Mink lashes a high end natural feel to them. Durability is always something to look out for if you are spending any amount of money for a product. Well, Mink lashes are undoubtedly far more durable than their synthetic, silk and faux Mink counterparts. With proper care every time you wear them, take them off, store them r when taking them out of their packaging, you can reuse Mink lashes for anywhere between ten to twenty five times. This definitely beats having to order a new pair every time I need one.

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