Do you know the dvantages of real 3D mink lashes?

Beauty is fleeting or so they say but with the advancements made in the cosmetic industry beauty is definitely here to stay. When it comes to raising your lash game, nothing does the trick better than Mink lashes. These lash extensions are made from Mink fur that has been collected from Mink that are farmed for this purpose. The fur is collected from that which has been naturally shed off, sterilized and carefully arranged so as to give the beautiful Mink lashes extensions in the market today.

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Why we choose OVLASH?

There are a number of brands that offer faux mink lashes but there are only few brand that I consider to be the best faux mink lashes out there. OVLASH by far top my list of go to faux mink lashes. They are extremely pocket friendly and come in wide variety of shapes, lengths, widths and volumes. I am literally spoilt for choice when it comes to the OVLASH lashes faux mink line of products.

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Taking Pseudo Eyelashes To A More Luxurious Level With Individual Mink Fur Lashes.

Individual Mink Fur eyelashes are among the highly priced and lavish looking of every single false eyelash. Albeit accessible as lash augmentations, they are regularly made and stored in strips that are connected as when required.

Individual Mink Fur Lashes are produced using chose mink fur hairs that are basically brushed from live mink by hand. They are not subjected to chemicals or colors and in this manner hold their rich smooth appearance.

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